Background Investigation

I was convicted of a felony, which was later expunged. Can I still become a Correctional Officer?

Any person convicted of a felony (or of a crime in another jurisdiction that would be a felony in California) is prohibited from employment as a California peace officer [Cal. Govt Code§1029(a)]. With few exceptions, this prohibition holds even if the conviction was sealed, expunged, or set aside. It may also apply to any convictions that were subsequently reduced to a misdemeanor occurring on or after January 1, 2004.

Proceedings under juvenile court are generally not considered to be a criminal conviction under GC §1029 unless the individual was certified, tried, and convicted as an adult. Therefore, juvenile convictions are not included as a legal bar to appointment as a peace officer. For more information, please see the Peace Officer Eligibility after Conviction and Restoration chart.