The Academy

What if I need a Reasonable Accommodation?

If you have a disability or impairment for which you need an accommodation to perform the essential functions required of a Correctional Officer Cadet while attending the Academy, you need to notify OPOS in writing no later than four weeks prior to your scheduled academy start date. Your written request must state the type of accommodation required and be accompanied by medical documentation from your physician. Failure to notify OPOS as required could result in dismissal from the Academy and termination of your appointment.

If OPOS has made the determination that you meet medical guideline requirements and they have set upon you conditions of employment (i.e., corrective lenses, insulin, etc.), you must report to the Academy with these items or you will be sent home. If you bring any injectable medications and/or syringes onto Academy grounds, they must be declared to the Watch Sergeant, as security precautions must be taken because there are inmates on grounds.