Juvenile Justice Careers


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The CA Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is seeking applicants to join a dedicated community of professionals who provide security and rehabilitation to youth in its care. Recruits will have extensive training opportunities in evidence based treatment models and trauma informed intervention techniques working directly with youth.

For an exciting law enforcement career opportunity with the potential to directly impact the lives of youth, consider becoming a youth correctional officer or counselor. Be part of this important mission of helping youth change their thinking and behavior, become contributing members of society, and keeping communities safe. Certain educational requirements and a criminal background check are mandatory. Youth Correctional Officer (YCO) and Youth Correctional Counselor (YCC) applications are accepted several times a year. To be notified when YCO and/or YCC application period has opened, please use the E-Notify Sign-up.

Youth Correctional Officer (YCO)


Earn $3,999 a month during the Academy and $4,920 up to $8,216 after the Academy.

More information on YCO salary information.

Minimum Qualifications

YCO Duties

Entry-level youth correctional peace officers are responsible and accountable for the security, custody, and supervision of youthful offenders in their daily living and activity programs.

More information on YCO job related duties please review the job bulletin.

Equivalent to the completion of the 12th grade, either by high school diploma or equivalent, or by possession of an Associate of Arts degree or higher.
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Youth Correctional Counselor (YCC)


Earn $3,999 a month during the Academy and $5,384 up to $9,001 after the Academy.

More information on YCC salary information.

Minimum Qualifications

YCC Duties

Entry-level youth correctional counselor peace officers are responsible for the counseling, supervision and custody of an assigned group of youthful offenders. As well as analyzes, organizes and records casework information necessary for treatment and release planning.

More information on YCC job related duties please review the job bulletin.

One year experience in California State service performing the duties of a peace officer; equivalent to graduation from a four year college/university; or equivalent to completion of two year (60 semester units) of college AND two years of experience working with youth in a law enforcement or counseling capacity.
More information on YCC minimum qualifications.

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