Correctional Peace Officer Permissive Reinstatement Process

Please see the information/links below if you were previously employed as a CDCR Correctional Officer (CO), Youth Correctional Officer (YCO), Youth Correctional Counselor (YCO) or Parole Agent (PA) and want to permissively reinstatement to an aforementioned position. The first step is to contact the hiring authority you are interested in working at and request permissive reinstatement. If the hiring authority agrees to reinstate you, they will notify you of the documents you are required to submit. The hiring authority will then submit the required documentation to the Office of Peace Officer Selection for processing.

California Department of Human Resources (CalHR)
General information for former state of California employees who wish to reinstate to state service.

CDCR Departmental Operations Manual (DOM)

CDCR DOM Section 31060.8.2 Minimum Legal Standards for Peace Officer Appointments. No person shall be appointed to or begin training as a peace officer until a physical abilities test, written psychological test, background investigation, pre-employment medical and oral psychological has been completed and written clearance has been received from the Chief, Office of Peace Officer Selection (OPOS) or their designee.

CDCR DOM Section 31060.9.1 Office of Peace Officer Selection Functions.
The OPOS shall administer the following functions: Physical abilities test, written psychological test, background investigation, pre-employment medical and oral psychological selection components.

CDCR DOM Section 31060.9.3.1 Office of Peace Officer Selection Clearances.
The hiring authority is to obtain the necessary OPOS clearance prior to appointing to a peace officer position any applicant who is not currently a departmental peace officer employee by submitting the CDC Form 1923, Individual Service Request (ISR), to the appropriate testing center.

CDCR DOM Section 31060.9.3.3 Individual Service Request Process.
The ISR Form will be signed by the hiring authority and forwarded to the Chief, OPOS along with all required documents, a bona fide job offer is to be made by the hiring authority to the applicant and included in the ISR package. The Chief, OPOS will notify the hiring authority if clearance for hire is granted or withheld.

CDCR DOM Section 31060.9.10 Basic Academy.
All appointees to the class of officer must attend the Basic Academy.
Exceptions- Reinstating officers whose last departmental position was officer and whose break in service was less than one year. The Warden can require attendance if the training is deemed necessary.