Casework Specialist

Casework Specialist

The Casework Specialist is an entry level peace officer class.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Requirements Desirable Qualifications Experience
US Citizenship (or applied)
21 years of age
Master’s Degree in Social Work
• Good physical condition
No felony convictions
• Eligible to own/possess a firearm
College Degree:
• Associate Degrees (Arts and Science) 
• Bachelor’s Degrees (Arts and Science) 
• Masters Degrees (Arts and Science)

• PC 832  Arrest, Search & Seizure (Classroom Instruction Certificate)
• PC 832  Firearms Familiarization 
(Weapon Qualification Certificate)

Criminal Justice/Correctional Courses:
• Introduction to Corrections 
• Correctional Writing 
• Concepts of Criminal Law 
• Correctional Interviewing and Counseling
• Control and Supervision in Corrections 
• Legal Aspects of Corrections  
• Paid Supervision
• United States Military

• Licensed Social Worker 
• Credentialed Teacher
• Military Police Officer 
• Non-sworn Correctional Officer 
• Peace Officer
• Sworn Fire Fighter

Casework Specialist job specifications and requirements.