PFT Waiver for Military Candidates

Effective March 1, 2020, CDCR will waive the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) for United States military and veteran candidates who provide certification of meeting military physical fitness standards. The waiver of the CDCR PFT is solely for the hiring process and will not apply to the Basic Correctional Officer Academy (BCOA) nor the Basic Correctional Juvenile Academy (BCJA) fitness requirements. All candidates, including military, are required to pass the PFT at the Academy.

To be eligible for the PFT waiver, the date of the candidate’s military physical fitness status must have been achieved within 12 months of the candidate’s scheduled CDCR written exam date.

Candidates must provide the following required documentation:

  1. Candidate’s military physical fitness examination scorecard (e.g., form DA705) or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
  2. Signed memorandum certifying the candidate has met the physical fitness standards of their respective branch of the military.

Waiver and required documents are due prior to the candidate’s scheduled PFT date. Please submit the documentation and signed memorandum to your respective Testing Center email:

Candidates will be notified whether their PFT waiver request has been approved. Those with approved PFT waivers will be instructed not to appear for the CDCR PFT.

Candidates who are not eligible for the waiver will be scheduled for the CDCR PFT and must pass in order to continue through the process. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PFT and wish to pursue the peace officer classification again will be required to reapply when eligible and submit a new application.

For questions on the PFT Waiver and how to submit please contact our Customer Service Unit email or call 916-255-2500.