Correctional Officer Certification Forms

Each step below must completed prior to deadlines listed in the Confirmation Notice.  Failure to submit the correct documents to the correct contacts listed on your Confirmation Notice before their deadlines may result in termination of your assignment without further notice, so read your contacts for each step carefully.

The required forms for the section titled “Correctional Officer Certification Forms” are listed below. For most computers, left-click on a file to open it in a new window or right-click and select “save target as” to download to your computer. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed in your system to view the forms and documents. It is available for free at this link.

Step 1 – Personal History Update

Direct all questions about this form and the Personal History Update process to the phone number listed for it in your Confirmation Notice.  Other units will not have access to information about your completion of this step.  Refer to your Confirmation Notice for direction on whether to use the NCS, CSC, or SSC form.

Step 2 – Tuberculosis Screening

Step 3 – Employment Eligibility Verification

Direct all questions about this this process to, the originator of your Confirmation Notice.  No other unit will be able to answer questions about this process.  The form itself is maintained and mandated by the Department of Homeland Security, and we are unable to alter it.

Step 4 – Medical Pre-Screening

This step requires no form.  Please follow the directions provided in Step 4 of your Confirmation Notice.