Certification Forms

Required Forms and Handouts for all Cadets attending an upcoming Academy

You must complete all steps outlined in your “Confirmation Letter” prior to admittance into the academy. Each step has a deadline date for submission. The steps and required forms are listed below. Click on a file to open it in a new window or “right-click” and “save target as” to download file to your computer. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your system to view the forms and documents. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Step 1 – Background

Step 2 – Tuberculosis Screening

Step 3 – Employment Eligibility Verification

Step 4 – Medical Pre-Screening

You must disclose any physician and/or dentist’s care (routine dental work does not need to be disclosed) since your Pre-Employment Medical clearance. Contact the Customer Service Unit at 1-866-232-5627 and ask to be transferred to your medical analyst for disclosures.