Psychological Evaluation

Written Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE)

To safely accommodate our peace officer candidates while continuing to address California’s public safety needs during the COVID-19 crisis, CDCR’s Psychological Screening Program is offering applicants the option to complete their psychological screening examination from the comfort of their homes by participating in a telehealth video interview using a HIPAA-compliant platform. This is not mandatory, and all candidates will continue to have the option of waiting to be scheduled for an in-person interview. All necessary details and instructions will be made available to candidates prior to being scheduled.

This evaluation consists of a series of questions candidates respond to, based upon their personal preferences. The information will be used in the Oral POPE.

Candidates that do not appear for their Written POPE must contact their assigned Testing Center to reschedule. The Testing Center phone numbers are:

  • Northern Testing Center (916) 255-1025
  • Central Testing Center (559) 650-2375
  • Southern Testing Center (909) 944-6697

Failure to reschedule may result in removal from the selection process and an inability to reapply for a period of six months from the disqualification date.

Peace Officer Psychological Screening Interview (Pass/Fail)

After completion of the written peace officer psychological evaluation and clearance of their background investigation, candidates will be contacted via email by staff from the Psychological Screening Program to schedule their psychological screening interview. Candidates are reminded to check their email on a daily basis, including email that is diverted to “junk” or “spam” email folders.

  • Peace officer psychological screening interviews are mandatory and conducted by a licensed psychologist. Psychological screening interviews are by appointment only.
  • Candidates should dress in business attire and bring their scheduling notice and valid photo identification such as a driver’s license, military ID, government ID, or passport to the interview. Candidates will not be admitted without valid photo identification.
  • Occasionally treatment records are required from previous professional providers before the psychological screening interview can be scheduled. Candidates that do not provide requested information by established due dates may face elimination from the selection process.
  • Candidates that do not appear for their scheduled psychological screening interview may be eliminated from the peace officer selection process unless a documented emergency resulted in the missed appointment. An accident report, vehicle repair bill, doctor’s note, etc., may be requested to substantiate the emergency.
  • Candidates who are eliminated from the peace officer psychological evaluation process will not be eligible to reapply for six months from the date of elimination.

For more information on the Psychological Exam read the Frequently Asked Questions.