CAC closure key dates

Please note that these timeframes are subject to change based on negotiations with Labor Organizations and pending the approval of the California Department of Human Resources.

Closure of CAC announcedDecember 6, 2022
Next Steps Time Line/CommunicationDecember 2022
Seniority Score Verification and Discrepancy Notifications will be issued to Kern County employees informing them of their Seniority Score. Employees have 30 calendar days to respond as to whether they agree with the score or wish to appeal.
June 2023
CDCR/CCHCS Human Resources (HR) and Office of Labor Relations (OLR) staff will be onsite at identified location(s) within Kern County to discuss how Seniority Scores are calculated, how they are used through this process, and how employees may appeal their Seniority Score during the “Challenge Period” 
June 2023
Preliminary seniority scores will be posted for Kern County (excluding Military and Exempt service credit) corresponding with Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) outlined below.August 2023

The VTP is a mitigation opportunity for employees to retain employment and to avoid layoff by voluntarily transferring to another work location outside the county of layoff.

VTP Election Worksheets will be issued to employees appointed to impacted classifications, to afford them the opportunity to participate and prioritize the specific location(s) they would be willing to voluntarily transfer to outside the area of impact (county). Transfers will be awarded based on the number of overages, seniority, employee selections, and availability of viable positions where employees expressed interest.August 2023
CDCR/CCHCS HR staff will be available onsite to discuss VTP.August 2023
Employees will be notified of the results of the VTP. Employees successful in attaining a transfer through this process will secure a future permanent position outside of the impacted county and be removed from the remaining processes. 
September ‐ October 2023
HR and OLR staff will work with local leadership to determine physical report dates for employees at the new work location based on operational need and labor agreements. Employees will be provided at minimum a 30‐day notice for physical report dates to the new work location. Employees who were unsuccessful in being placed through the VTP,
or who elected not to participate, will be provided information regarding next steps.
September ‐ October 2023

The Employee Options Process identifies employment options for impacted employees within the area of impact (county), including but not limited to, the ability to remain in their current classification, and/or demote, if necessary.

Employee Options Worksheets issued to impacted employees in Kern County which includes information regarding bumping based on Seniority within the county of layoff and potential layoff and Reemployment rights.December 2023
CDCR/CCHCS HR and OLR staff will be onsite at specified location(s) available to answer questions related to Employee Options Worksheets.January 2024
Employees will be notified of the results of the Employee Options process.January 2024
The Seniority Score Listing will be finalized and posted to include Military and Exempt
February 2024
Layoff effective date for the remaining employees unsuccessful in Employee Options process.March 2024

March 2024

Onsite Visits – In an effort to provide information and support, CDCR/CCHCS HR will host onsite sessions at CAC and within county, throughout the release of various processes. During these onsite sessions, members of OLR, OEW, and respective program management such as Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) will also be available, as applicable.

Temporary Reassignments – As the incarcerated population at CAC is reduced, employees from CAC may be temporarily reassigned or placed on loan to other locations within the county based on operational needs. Such temporary reassignments are separate from any transfer process (i.e. VTP) or layoff activities as employees’ permanent positions will still be identified at CAC. As such, CAC employees, regardless of temporary assignments, will be afforded all applicable opportunities offered throughout the respective transfer processes and/or layoff activities.

Permanent Redirections –  At any time, CAC employees may be permanently redirected to other locations within county to achieve full class mitigation. Mitigation means if employees in a classification can be placed in positions within county without the risk of further being impacted by closure processes (i.e., if there are enough vacancies for all in the classification and no potential for “bumping”).

Frequently Asked Questions – will be updated regularly and posted to CDCR/CCHCS intranet throughout this process to assist employees. In addition, questions may be addressed via email to the following: