Prison Closure Process

As the prison closure process continues, we will be providing updates at every step of the process. Based on an employee’s classification, work location, and seniority score, an employee may be subject to layoff during times of workforce reductions.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your situation please e-mail:


In addition to assisting with individual questions, the information provided will also be used to update the Frequently Asked Questions and to provide regular updates throughout the entirety of the closure process to the field.

On September 16, 2021, the Lassen County Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction suspending CDCR from performing any acts to further the closure of California Correctional Center (CCC) pending hearing and further order of the court. On October 15, 2021, the Third District Court of Appeal granted a temporary stay while it considers CDCR’s request to move the case to another county. The preliminary injunction remains in effect until further order from the Third District Court of Appeal. All activities related to the closure of CCC remain stayed until further notice. Inquiries related to the closure of CCC will be responded to at a later date.

Please note that these timeframes are subject to change based on negotiations with Labor Organizations, and pending the approval of the California Department of Human Resources.

Closure of CCC Announced. April 13, 2021

Impacted employees at CCC/HDSP will be encouraged to respond to an optional, informal survey (electronic or hard copy) regarding future employment preferences following the closure of CCC. This will assist in the
development of a Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP) to assist CCC/HDSP employees.

Survey results will be shared and the existing statewide CDCR hiring restrictions directive will be modified in order to maximize viable positions to accommodate staff interested in future VTP.

Communication will be released and HR staff will be onsite at CCC/HDSP to discuss how Seniority Scores are
calculated, how they are used through this process, and the upcoming “Challenge Period” if staff wish to appeal their score on file.

Seniority Score Verification and Discrepancy Notifications will be issued to CCC/HDSP staff informing them of their Seniority Score. Staff have 30 calendar days to respond as to whether they agree with the score or wish to appeal. HR staff will be available onsite to answer any questions and address concerns.

A Seniority Score Listing will be posted for Lassen County.

The VTP is an opportunity for CCC/HDSP to potentially avoid layoff by voluntarily transferring to another work location

Statewide Viable Position Listing will be posted to inform staff of the opportunities that exist by location as
voluntary transfer destinations. Informational sessions will be hosted for CCC/HDSP staff to become more familiar with the process and other work locations prior to the VTP.

VTP Election Worksheets will be issued to CCC/HDSP staff individually to indicate and prioritize the specific
locations they would be willing to voluntarily transfer. HR staff will be available onsite to answer any questions and address concerns.

CCC/HDSP staff will be notified of the results of the VTP. Those with successful VTP award will be removed from the remaining process as these staff have a future permanent position outside the county of layoff.

HR staff will meet with local leadership at CCC/HDSP to determine physical report dates for staff who were placed at a new work location via the VTP based on operational need and labor agreements. CCC/HDSP staff who were unsuccessful in being placed through the VTP or elected not to participate, will be provided information regarding next steps.

CCC/HDSP staff, excluding those with successful VTP award, will be provided information regarding the SROA process, “bumping” based on seniority within the county of lay off (Lassen County) via the Options Worksheet, potential layoff and Reemployment rights.

SROA/Surplus Notices will be issued to CCC/HDSP staff.

SROA/Surplus Effective Date – HR and Employee Wellness will be available onsite to share the next steps in the process regarding Employee Option Worksheets.

Employee Options Worksheets will be issued to the impacted staff at CCC/HDSP.

HR will be available to answer individual questions related to Employee Options Worksheets.

The Seniority Score Listing will be finalized and posted to include Military and Exempt points.

CCC/HDSP staff will be notified of the results of the Employee Options process.

CDCR/CCHCS will host a “job fair” for private sector/outside entities to discuss employment opportunities with remaining CCC/HDSP staff.

CCC/HDSP staff layoff effective date for the remaining staff unsuccessful in Employee Options process.