Prison Closure Process

The California Correctional Center (CCC) will receive site-specific updates to the “Prison Closure Process” as information becomes available.

As the prison closure process continues, we will be providing updates at every step of the process. Based on an employee’s classification, work location, and seniority score, an employee may be subject to layoff during times of workforce reductions.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your situation please e-mail:


In addition to assisting with individual questions, the information provided will also be used to update the Frequently Asked Questions and to provide regular updates throughout the entirety of the closure process to the field.

As the result of the pending closure of the Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI), seniority scores will be calculated and/or updated and a seniority verification letter and discrepancy form will be mailed to potentially impacted employees. This will allow staff to review and confirm their personal Seniority Score and dispute any discrepancies that they have identified.

The VTP is a voluntary method used to mitigate potential impact to employees, by providing them with an opportunity to transfer in their permanent classification to a location outside the area of impact (San Joaquin County). Participants will prioritize their interest in work locations statewide, to which they are willing to accept a voluntary transfer utilizing an Election Worksheet. New work locations awarded via the VTP will be based on seniority.

Workforce Consolidation and Reduction Support (WCRS) will distribute an official 30-day notification to all employees who participated in the Voluntary Transfer Process. The notice will include the effective reporting date, location, and contact information. Time line: April 2021

The State Restriction of Appointments (SROA) process is an alternative to layoff that gives the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) the authority to restrict the methods of appointment available to appointing powers in order to give employees in jeopardy of layoff an opportunity to retain State employment. The first step in the process of placing employees on SROA lists and designating them as surplus is for a department to be recognized by DPA as being in a layoff mode. Timeline for notice of employees being placed on SROA: May 2021

An Options Worksheet will be distributed to those who didn’t participate or were unsuccessful in the VTP.  The Options Worksheet will provide viable placement options identified for those impacted by layoff plan. Employees will make their elections for placement on the Options Worksheet and submit it to the Workforce Consolidation and Redirection Support (WCRS) Unit. Timeline: July 2021

All impacted staff will receive a written notification which will be distributed no later than 35 days before the report date/layoff date. There are three general types of letters used for placement notification: “Placement” (notifies the employee of his/her placement), “No longer affected” (informs employee that he/she is no longer affected by the current layoff plan), or “Separation” (which includes layoffs, retirements, and resignations). Timeline: August 2021