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Post-Release (County-Level) Community Supervision

CDCR continues to have jurisdiction over all offenders who are on state parole prior to the implementation date of October 1, 2011. Prospectively, county-level supervision for offenders upon release from prison will include current non-violent, current non-serious (irrespective of priors), and some sex offenders. County-level supervision will not include:

  • Inmates paroled from life terms to include third-strike offenders;
  • Offenders whose current commitment offense is violent or serious, as defined by California's Penal Code §§ 667.5(c) and 1192.7(c);
  • High-risk sex offenders, as defined by CDCR;
  • Mentally Disordered Offenders; nor
  • Offenders on parole prior to October 1, 2011.

Offenders who meet the above-stated conditions will continue to be under state parole supervision.
Each county Board of Supervisors was required to designate a county agency to be responsible for post-release supervision and  provide that information to CDCR by August 1, 2011. In turn, CDCR must notify counties of an individual's release at least one month prior. Once the individual has been released, CDCR will no longer have jurisdiction over any person who is under post-release community supervision. No person shall be returned to prison on a parole revocation except for those life-term offenders who paroled pursuant to Penal Code § 3000.1 (Penal Code § 3056 states that only these offenders may be returned to state prison).