Regulation and Policy Management Branch
Adult Institutions, Programs and Parole Regulations

Department Operations Manual (DOM)

  • DOM 2018
    Changes that have been made to the DOM since January 1, 2018, can be viewed by clicking on the following link for "Notice of Change to DOM (NCDOM)."
    • Appendices - DOM 2018
      The DOM Appendices allow for easy access to lengthy regulatory documents that are incorporated by reference into Title 15. Because these documents are regulatory, any proposed changes to the documents are subject to the regulation revision process outlined in DOM, Chapter 1, Article 6.
      • Appendix A - Authorized Personal Property Schedule (Rev. 4/1/14)
      • Appendix B - Religious Personal Property Matrix (Rev. 6/27/13)
      • Appendix C - Milestone Completion Credit Schedule (Rev. 03/17)
      • Appendix D - Non-Disciplinary Segregation Personal Property Matrix ​(Rev. 12/30/13)