DRP Multimedia

Division of Rehabilitative Programs' Outreach Unit delivers awareness of their programs through several media forms: a newsletter, a library of videos and downloadable brochures. The categories below will direct you to each section accordingly.

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DRP Newsletter

The Rehabilitation Today! newsletter informs CDCR employees and community stakeholders about programs and initiatives being launched by the DRP to rebuild offenders' lives and reduce their tendencies to reoffend.

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DRP Videos

Videos are produced for both CDCR staff and the adult offender population. These videos range from classroom footage showing rehabilitation in action, speakers, information on specific programs and "how-to" infographics. Each video is archived for your viewing.

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DRP Program Brochures

DRP brochures provide information about rehabilitation programs, each presented nicely in a colorful printed PDF format.

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Rehabilitative programs are the best way for an offender to be prepared for success upon release. The link below explains this process with an easy-to-follow diagram

See Rehabilitative Process

See Technology Solutions for more information.

Technology has opened the door to more educational opportunities while simultaneously reducing government spending. Below is a list of technology initiatives at CDCR.