Career Technical Education – Media Evolution

Through design and implementation of a 300 Wireless Access Point Offender Secure Network infrastructure, the Career Technical Education – Media Evolution (CTE-ME) project ensures that all eligible Incarcerated individuals have access to one or more CTE training opportunities and certifications, supporting their need to achieve Milestone Credits, and attainment of real-world skills to improve their chances of securing employment in those fields once paroled.


One or more program trades are available in all adult institutions.

Deliverables and Outcomes

The CTE-ME is enabled in all thirty five adult institutions. Nineteen vocational programs support online certification and training curriculum. 304 vocational classrooms and shops are now network connected with workstations to support online access to learning resources and certification exams.

The goals of the project are:

  • 90% of available CTE training and certification testing via digital-network-based media technology;
  • A 10% incremental increase of online incarcerated individuals certifications each quarter;
  • The time to wait for certification results is less than one business day;
  • Availability of 3700 wireless Offender Network connected workstations; and
  • Expand the breadth of available certifications by program trade.

Contact Information

(916) 327-3352