Program Videos

The Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) offers videos providing information about CDCR’s evidence-based rehabilitative programs. The production and development of videos are intended to inform and educate the offender population and public of available resources.

Featured DRP Video:

This is DRP

This infographic video will walk you through the offender rehabilitation process.

DRP Video

DRP Program Videos:

MCRP Video

Male Community Reentry Program

The Male Community Reentry Program (MCRP) is designed to assist participants to successfully reenter the community from prison, using community-based, rehabilitative services.

OMCP Video

Offender Mentor Certification Program

The Offender Mentor Certification Program (OMCP) trains and certifies long-term offenders to assist as mentors in CDCR’s substance use disorder treatment programs.

More DRP Videos:

  • The Offender Journey: This easy-to-understand short animation will step you through the offender rehabilitation process.
  • The Importance of Community Reentry Programs: Learn more about the programs and services available to help offenders reintegrate successfully into society upon release.
  • CDCR Needs Assessment: CDCR’s COMPAS risk-needs assessment determines offenders’ criminogenic needs, and helps place them into the right program at the right time.
  • What Works in Reducing Recidivism: Noted correctional program expert Ed Latessa from the University of Cincinnati provides insight on what works and what does not work in reducing recidivism.

Additional CDCR Videos:

  • SCC Auto Body: Offenders at Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) learn auto body repair and detailing skills that are designed to give them a better future after prison.
  • CIW Pathways To Hope: This video tells the story of three dogs, all of which were pulled from the shelter and saved from euthanization. Female offenders at California Institution for Women (CIW) train and transform the animals into service dogs for autistic children.
  • DVI HVAC Program: Offenders at Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) are enrolled in the heating, ventilation, and air-condition (HVAC) program, have asked themselves where their future is headed and now have a clear path to success at their fingertips.
  • FSP Vocational Welding: Offenders at Folsom State Prison (FSP) learn welding skills to meet the national demand for welders. They earn nationally recognized certifications while preparing to enter the workforce upon their release.

Additional videos can be found on the CDCR YouTube Channel.