How to Access LMS from Home

How to log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) from the internet (at home).

  • Step 1. Depending on your organization, type in one of the following URLs into your browser’s address window, or click the link below
    A screenshot of the web browser entry field where you type in the url for the LMS
  • Step 2. Select Active Directory
    Shows the two sign in options with the Active Director option highlighted
  • Step 3. Enter your work-assigned email (Example,
    Showing the username entry field where you type your work emailCalPIA's version of the sign in screen with fields for username and password
  • Step 4. Enter you work-assigned password (Your CDCR computer sign on or CDCR email password)
    Sign in screen highlighting field for entering password
  • Step 5. Select “Sign in”
    Sign in screen highlighting Sign in button
  • Step 6. Success! You are now logged into the LMS
    Screenshot of the homepage of the CDCR LMS