Program and Support Services


The Academy Store offers food, drinks, and health and beauty items for staff, cadets, and guests at OTPD/CTC. The store also provides protective equipment, duty gear, and other work related items for cadets.
Contact: (209) 745-4661, internal x4012


Accounting staff work with regional accounting offices on all accounting processes and transactions. Staff is also
responsible for collecting and depositing laundry and culinary funds, and processing all travel advances, travel
expense claims, and master and miscellaneous payroll distributions. Contact: (209) 744-5000 x4109 & x4110


The Advanced Learning Institutes provide the following training: Basic Supervision, Advanced Supervision, Sergeants’ Academy, Lieutenants’ Academy, Training-for-Trainers, and Executive Development Orientation Program. Contact: (916) 255-1485 & (916) 255-3616


The Badges staff assigns badges to CDCR employees designated as peace officers that meet the Penal Code 832 (PC 832) Peace Officer Standards and Training requirements with the exception of the Division of Adult Parole. Staff also assists all institution badge liaisons with processing state issue badges, optional badges, promotion/demotion/retirement ribbons, limited term employees, administrative time off, lost or stolen badges, relinquished badges, resignations, terminations reinstatement and/or transfers from CDCR.
Contact: (209) 744-5056 & (209) 744-5037


Budgets staff is responsible for reviewing and analyzing allotments, budgets changes, and program needs as they
relate to the budget process. Staff is also responsible for tracking and monitoring the overall expenditures,
identifying surplus/deficits and making recommendations to administration for adjustments.
Contact: (209) 744-5040


The BCOA provides training for correctional officer cadets in preparation for employment at adult prisons throughout the State of California. Classroom, hands-on, and scenario-based training provides cadets with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become exceptional correctional officers. Contact: (209) 744-5000


The BCOA Programs I & II staffs are responsible for the daily operations, academics, and discipline of the cadets while they are assigned to the Academy. By maintaining close supervision of these activities, the Program Office staff is able to ensure consistency and provide the highest level of training in the Department. Contact: (209) 744-5107


Contracts staff work with the Office of Business Services Contracts Management Branch to process all master/service contracts for the OTPD/CTC and the Regional Accounting Office to ensure payment for contracted services. Staff also monitor, track, and ensure invoices are paid in a timely manner for service and expense orders, vehicle repairs, and utility invoices. Contact: (209) 744-5124


Culinary staff provides meals 24/7 to guests, cadets, training participants, and OTPD/CTC employees. Culinary staff also provides food setup for various OTPD/CTC venues and for cadets attending offsite COSIT.
Contact: (209) 744-5000 x4197


Curriculum staff are responsible for monitoring and updating OTPD/CTC’s curriculum for BCOA via distribution onto laptops for cadets and instruction for Sergeant Presenters, Processing Lesson Plan Request and Lesson Plan Modification forms, Updating and distributing PC 832 curriculum Contact: (209) 744-5138.


Curriculum Testing staff maintains the test questions database, creates exams, proctors, scores, produces results and statistics, and maintains testing and performance scores for cadets. Staff also maintains Academy registration and graduation information as well as Penal Code 832 (PC 832) training records, and keeps information on obtaining college credits. Contact: (209) 744-5000 x4222


Custodial is responsible for training, meetings, state exams, and special events venue and classroom setups. In
addition, custodial staff is also responsible for the cleaning of facility, all housing units and laundry services. Contact: (209) 744-5134


Evaluations staff provides follow-up evaluation questionnaires to graduating cadets to assess the effectiveness of the Academy. First-line supervisors are also given questionnaires to gain their perspective on how well the new
graduates were prepared to perform their duties upon graduation. Data gathered will be used to evaluate the
curriculum and its usefulness. Questionnaires are also used for New Employee Orientation and Basic Supervision
training. Contact: (209) 744-5000 x5059 & x5024


IT Support staff is responsible for the networking and telephone infrastructure for the OTPD/CTC. Staff provides
support for customized user applications and standard software packages, network connectivity and wiring, server and shared access points, telecommunications services, and audio visual services for classroom instruction. Contact: (209) 744-5035


In-Service Training staff is responsible tracking and providing required training for OTPD/CTC staff, and coordinating and providing the 80-hour Penal Code 832 (PC 832) training for CDCR employees.
Contact: (209) 744-5085


The IDU is responsible for the design, development, and evaluation of departmental curriculum for the Basic
Correctional Officer Academy, In-Service Training, On-the-Job Training, and assists other CDCR departments with
writing training for their employees. Contact: (209) 744-5032


Personnel is responsible for keying all staff and cadet appointments, separations, miscellaneous employment, pay
transactions, tracking time worked and leave credits, processing worker’s compensation, NDI/SDI benefits,
calculating retirement pay-out, processing applicable Health Benefits, processing court ordered garnishments, and tracking all annual performance and probationary reports. Contact: (209) 744-5082


Plant Operations is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the physical plan infrastructure, equipment, vehicle fleet, and OTPD/CTC grounds keeping. In addition, Plant Operations provides oversight of hazardous materials and health and safety of the facility. Contact: (209) 744-5070


The Public Information Office coordinates public and community relations programs for the OTPD/CTC.
Contact: (209) 744-5113


Procurement staff administers the OTPD/CTC non-information technology contract services and procurement
activities, and oversees small business and disabled veteran’s business enterprise activities.
Contact: (209) 744-5071


The Range/Armory staff is responsible for training and qualification on departmental approved weapons pursuant to CDCR and Commission on Peace Officer Standard and Training standards for the BCOA. This includes the use of approved handguns, rifles, and nonlethal weapons, including impact munitions and chemical agents training. Contact: (209) 744-5081


Recruitment & Hiring/Personnel Liaison staff act as liaisons to the Office of Personnel Services and a resource to
potential candidates and hiring supervisors within OTPD/CTC. Staff prepares and maintains documents pertaining to requests for personnel actions, allocation determinations, established positions, vacancies, recruitment efforts, and list certifications. Contact: (209) 744-5125


Scheduling staff create training templates for the BCOA and transitional academies. Staff also coordinate and
schedule requests for housing and meeting/training venues at the OTPD/CTC.
Contact: (209) 744-5029 & (209) 744-5049

Succession Management Program (SMP)

The Succession Management Program (SMP) is for eligible CDCR employees looking to advance into executive positions. Participating in the SMP allows interested employees to further develop their skills and professional competencies so they can be competitive as potential successors to executive leadership opportunities.​


Tactical coordinates the departmental tactical training programs for the BCOA and the Division of Adult Institutions. This includes the Monadnock Expandable Baton training and Monadnock Training–for-Trainers, Arrest and Control, and Alarm Response courses. Contact: (209) 744-5081


The TTU is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Department’s Learning Management System (LMS), consultation and development on Articulate-based (Storyline and Rise) eLearning trainings, training and support of In-Service Training staff/Training Coordinator LMS administrators statewide, collaboration on SharePoint sites, and the upkeep of associated internet and intranet websites.

Upward Mobility Program (UMP)

Government Code Section 19401 requires departments to have an effective UMP for employees in low paying (LP) occupational groups. The primary objective of the UMP is to provide assistance to employees in identified LP occupations who desire entry into technical, professional, and administrative (TPA) career paths.


The Warehouse staff orders, stocks, and provides supplies and furniture for OTPD/CTC, and oversees the recycling
program, confidential shred program, shipping and receiving, and the mail center. Contact: (209) 744-5000 x4224