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CDCR Executive Organizational Chart

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(Updated April 2017)


RALPH M. DIAZ, Undersecretary, Operations

DIANA TOCHE, Undersecretary, Health Care Services

KENNETH J. POGUE, Undersecretary, Administration & Offender Services

PATRICK MCKINNEY II, Assistant Secretary, Legal Affairs

KRISTOFFER APPLEGATE, Assistant Secretary, Legislative Affairs

JEFFREY CALLISON, Assistant Secretary, Office of Public and Employee Communications

VICKY WATERS, Press Secretary, Office of Public and Employee Communications

BRYAN BEYER, Director, Internal Oversight & Research

KATHLEEN ALLISON, Director, Division of Adult Institutions

ALENE SHIMAZU, Director, Division of Administrative Services

DEBORAH HYSEN, Director, Facility Planning, Construction and Management

ANTHONY LUCERO, Director, Division of Juvenile Justice

VACANT, Director, Division of Health Care Services

JAY VIRBEL, Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs

RUSSELL J. NICHOLS, Director, Enterprise Information Services

CONNIE GIPSON, Deputy Director, Facility Operations, Division of Adult Institutions

JEFFREY MACOMBER, Deputy Director, Facility Support, Division of Adult Institutions

JOSEPH GALVAN, Deputy Director (A), Office of Internal Affairs

VACANT, Deputy Director, Office of Research

JASON LOPEZ, Deputy Director, Office of Fiscal Services

KATHERINE MINNICH, Deputy Director (A), Human Resources

DEVIN FONG, Deputy Director, Office of Business Services

LORI D. ZAMORA, Deputy Director, Office of Audits and Court Compliance

JEFFREY GREEN, Director (A), Division of Adult Parole

DEAN BORG, Deputy Director, Facility Planning, Construction and Management

KATHERINE TEBROCK, Deputy Director, Statewide Mental Health Program

GREG O'BRIEN, Chief Financial Officer, Juvenile Administration and Operations

HEATHER BOWLDS, Deputy Director, Juvenile Facilities Operations and Programs

KEVIN HOFFMAN, Deputy Director, Office of Offender Programs

CYNTHIA FLOREZ-DELYON, Deputy Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs, Community Reentry Services and Program Support

PAUL SMITH, Deputy Director, Enterprise Applications and Maintenance Support

DERRICK MARION, Chief, Office of Correctional Safety

NOLICE EDWARDS, Chief, Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services

TIMOTHY M. LOCKWOOD, Chief, Regulation and Policy Management

SARA MALONE, Chief, Office of the Ombudsman

BRIGID HANSON, Chief (A), Office of Labor Relations

JENNIFER SHAFFER, Executive Officer, Board of Parole Hearings

CHARLES L. PATTILLO, General Manager, Prison Industry Authority

STEPHANIE WELCH, Executive Officer, Council on Mentally Ill Offenders.