Parole Agents at a meeting

Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


A safer California through correctional excellence.


We protect the public by safely and securely supervising adult and juvenile offenders, providing effective rehabilitation and treatment, and integrating offenders successfully into the community.


The overarching values are forthright and direct and require that we must continue to commit ourselves to principled leadership, embracing a set of core values that guide our behavior:

  • Integrity We conduct ourselves professionally, achieving the highest ethical standards.
  • Accountability We take responsibility for our actions and the consequences.
  • Justice Everyone receives equitable process and fair outcomes.
  • Collaboration-Everyone supports mutual understanding of ideas, open exploration of our differences, and works constructively and cooperatively with our stakeholders.
  • Employee Well Being We foster an environment that supports professional development and personal health.


The goals of the Department are two-fold and encompass:

Organizational Goals 

  • Workforce Excellence: Ensure a well-trained, quality workforce.
  • Technology: Develop an information technology strategy and implement systems capable of managing both current needs and anticipated growth.
  • Risk Management/Organizational Effectiveness: Achieve organizational excellence in our operations and systems.
  • Legal Compliance: Develop preventive strategies to preclude class action suits and remedy identified violations.

Programmatic Goals

  • Crime Prevention and Safety: Develop a comprehensive crime prevention program and establish evidence-based research to determine the impact of offender programs within the institutions and community to reduce criminality and victimization.
  • Outreach, Partnerships, and Transparency: Seek out partnerships and develop meaningful programs and processes to promote shared responsibility for community safety.
  • Health Care Delivery: Ensure an organization design and accompanying systems to provide efficient delivery of quality health care.