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Parole Agents at a meeting

How is the Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) organized?

The DAI is comprised of four mission-based disciplines which include Reception Centers, High Security (Males), General Population (Males), and Female Offenders. These field operations are supported by centralized functions in the Operation Support Unit that are organized in matrix fashion to provide a combination of standardized and mission-based shared services.


Org Chart

As illustrated in the organization chart above, the Division, through four Associate Directors:

  1. Works with partners in the community, all levels of government, the academic and research communities and all levels of law enforcement in the development and initiation of new programs designed to improve inmate programming while incarcerated and to increase successful reintegration into the community.
  2. Participates in the research and development of evidence-based performance metrics, best practices, policy, statutory and regulatory proposals impacting each mission area,
  3. Directs, advises and mentors Wardens, on matters related to institution operations.
  4. Tracks external audit reviews/responses and monitoring functions to ensure appropriate responses are submitted.
  5. Represents the mission based program area, the Division and the Department in hearings and meetings with the Administration, the Legislature, Control Agencies and other federal, state and local government agencies.

Following is a listing of the four mission based areas and the centralized operational support function, their unique missions, and the institutions/programs assigned to each.


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