Minimum Qualifications – Independent Evauator

Clinicians must satisfy the following MQs annually to be appointed:

  • Referral by DSH and CDCR pursuant to Penal Code section 2978;
  • Submit a current resume;
  • Possess five years full time work experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders pursuant to Penal Code section 2978;
  • Possess and maintain a current, valid license in good standing with the California Board of Psychology;
  • Provide annual documentation of symptom free tuberculin skin testing and evaluation;
  • Meet the necessary requirements to be eligible for entrance to each of the panel’s facilities, and follow all institution and hospital dress code requirements, including seasonal requirements for flu shots or wearing a breathing mask;
  • Attend the eight hour MDO orientation in full (including at least one hour regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act);
  • Annually sign and submit the MDO Evaluator Participation Form;
  • Open and maintain an account in the Board’s Disability & Effective Communication System (DECS) database. The DECS database is a comprehensive repository of information related to each offender’s disabilities. Clinicians are to provide at own cost all hardware/software that will enable access to this database information; and
  • Open and maintain a “Watchdox” account by registering an email address for access to electronic email files.