Sexually Violent Predator Unit

Pursuant to Welfare & Institutions Code, Section 6601, the Board of Parole Hearings Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Unit reviews the background and history of persons to identify those likely to be sexually violent predators. If the SVP Unit determines the person has a qualifying conviction of a specific, violent sexual crime, involving at least one victim, the case is referred to the board’s Forensic Assessment Division (FAD) for clinical evaluation. If that person meets the clinical screening criteria, they are referred to the Department of State Hospitals for a full evaluation. If the Department of State Hospitals determines the person is a sexually violent predator, the case is referred to the district attorney’s office from the inmate’s county of commitment, which may petition the courts for civil commitment to receive treatment provided by the Department of State Hospitals.

If the District Attorney does not petition the court for civil commitment, the person is released to parole, where treatment in a community facility is often a condition of parole.