Exam bulletins OPEN to the general public

Review the Exam Bulletins listed below. Click on a classification to view the Exam Bulletin which contains salary information, the "Minimum Qualifications" required to become eligible to take the exam, as well as "How To Apply" instructions for that exam. NOTE: "How to Apply" instructions may vary so it is important to carefully read the Exam Bulletin for the classification you are interested in.

Bulletins with Final Filing Dates

(Apply on or before the final filing date)

Exam Bulletins Final Filing Date
Painter III, Correctional Facility / Qualification Assesment 04/07/2017
Research Specialist III IV (Various Studies) / Qualification Assesment 04/07/2017
Construction Supervisor II/III (CF) / Qualification Assesment II / Qualification Assesment III 04-14-2017

Exam Bulletins with Continuous Filing Dates

(Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis and will be retained for 12 months. After this period, applicants should submit a new application.) Note: All the exam bulletins shown below are continuous.


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