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Plant Operations

We're hiring engineers, building maintenance workers, plant supervisors, and more.

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Opportunities for teachers, librarians, vocational instructors and education administrators.

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Food Service

We're hiring food service professionals who have a passion for cooking.

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Executive Leadership

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CDCR is committed to building and fostering a diverse workplace were cultural diversity, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and unique identities are honored, valued, and supported. We offer job opportunities in both custody and non-custody environments to support our Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals.

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Join Our Nationally Recognized Technology Team

With locations across California, your next opportunity might be right around the corner.

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We’re Recruiting Correctional Officers

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Religious Services

Discover the options of working as a Chaplain or Spiritual Leader and help change lives in a positive way.

Fleet Management

Automobile mechanics, equipment operators, and inspectors provide essential services to residents and employees.

Facility Job Search

CDCR’s Facility Locator page provides links to each adult institution’s web page, where you can view job vacancies, regional information, photos and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to find a job title you are interested in. Then take an exam for the classification (job title). To learn more view the CDCR Exams web page.

Check out our job vacancies page. It includes a list of CDCR locations with a link to current job vacancies for that location.

To view job vacancies that support CDCR’s medical, mental, and dental operations check out the California Correctional Health Care Services website.

You can also contact a CDCR Recruiter using the web form below.

Reachable candidates will receive employment inquiries from the department. If you are offered employment that you cannot or do not want to accept, you may waive the opportunity. Candidates on open lists are allowed three waivers, after which their names will become “inactive” on the list for that classification. Failure to respond to an employment inquiry will be counted as a waiver.

For some classifications, CDCR accepts the H1B Visa. Be aware that obtaining an H1B Visa is a lengthy process and you must have a job offer before pursuing this avenue. CDCR does not currently participate as a sponsoring organization in the Exchange Visitor Visa Program (J1 Visa).

Exception: Existing law provides that in order to be appointed to a Peace Officer position, a person must either be a U. S. citizen or a person with permanent resident status who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship at the time of application. Denial of an application for citizenship shall result in disqualification from or termination of employment.

We require that all applicants disclose any convictions of felony crimes, as well as misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence. While the existence of history does not automatically disqualify you from applying or receiving a job offer, special approval must be granted by the Department Secretary prior to any appointment.

Exception: Persons convicted of a felony are not eligible to participate in exams for Peace Officer positions.

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Health Care Careers

Apply for health care jobs on the California Correctional Health Care Services website.