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California Institution for Women (CIW)

Aerial view of California Institution for Women. CLICK to download a copy.
Physical Address: Mailing Address:

16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880
(909) 597-1771

16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880


Institutional Business Correspondence (No Inmate Mail):
PO Box 1700
Corona, CA 92878-1700

Inmate General Correspondence: Inmate Money Orders:

PO Box 8100
Corona, CA 92878-8100

PO Box 8102
Corona, CA 92878-8100

Kimberly Hughes, Warden (A)

Kimberly Hughes,

California Institution for Women - Mission Statement

The primary mission of the California Institution for Women is to provide a safe and secure environment for primarily Level I/III female offenders.  This mission is further defined by our responsibility to provide quality health care and institution programs specifically geared to meet the special needs of female offenders.  Specialized programs include academic and vocational programs, pre-release and substance abuse programming, pre-forestry and camp training, an arts in corrections program and a wide variety of inmate self-help groups and community betterment projects.

Institution Details

The California Institution for Women accommodates all custody levels of female inmates.  In addition to its large general population, CIW houses inmates with special needs such as pregnancy, psychiatric care, methadone, and medical problems such as HIV infection.

CIW serves as a hub institution for the selection and physical fitness training of female firefighters selected for conservation camp placement.  The institution also serves as a higher security facility for female inmates in Administrative Segregation.

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