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Folsom State Prison (FSP)

Aerial view of Folsom State Prison. CLICK to download a copy.
Physical Address:
Staff Mailing Address:
Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate Money Orders:
300 Prison Road
Represa, CA 95671
(916) 985-2561
P.O. Box 910
Represa, CA 95671
P.O. Box 715071
Represa, CA 95671


P. O. Box 1790
Folsom, CA 95671

Warden Hill
Ron Rackley, Warden

Folsom State Prison - Mission Statement

California's second oldest prison, Folsom State Prison (FSP), primarily houses Medium Security General Population Level II male inmates. Additionally, Folsom houses Minimum Security Level I male inmates within a minimum security facility located just outside of the main security perimeter. Folsom offers Rehabilitative programs, to include academic courses and career technical education, which are provided through Folsomís Greystone Adult School.

Under the administration of FSP, Folsom Womenís Facility (FWF) was activated in January 2013. This 403 bed stand-alone facility provides housing, rehabilitative and reentry programming, substance abuse treatment, and job training to the medium and minimum security female population. FWF is the northern most female facility in the State, allowing female offenders to maintain closer ties to family and relatives in the area.

Folsom Prison's Rich History

Folsom State Prison is California's second-oldest prison, and one of the nation's first maximum-security prisons built in the decades following the California Gold Rush. Click here to read more about the prison's interesting past.

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