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Sending money to an inmate at this institution is changing

Beginning April 1, 2015, this institution will participate in a 60-day pilot program using the Lock Box service. Lock Box allows for incoming inmate monies to be mailed to a secured centralized depository. Upon completion of the pilot program, these institutions will use the Lock Box service for inmate deposits of checks and money orders up to $999.99. Checks and Money Orders in the Amount of $1,000.00 or more will still be accepted at the institution.

The process for Electronic Fund Transfers remains unchanged for ALL prisons. Find out more about sending money to inmates.

Ironwood State Prison (ISP)

Aerial view of Ironwood State Prison. CLICK to download a copy.
Physical Address:
Inmate Mailing Address:
Mailing Address:
19005 Wiley's Well Road
Blythe, CA 92225
(760) 921-3000
P.O. Box 2199
Blythe, CA 92226
P.O. Box 2229
Blythe, CA 92226

Warden McDowell
Neil McDowell
Warden (A)

Ironwood State Prison - Mission Statement

The mission of Ironwood State Prison (ISP) is to improve public safety through the confinement of minimum and medium custody male offenders while providing them the life improvement skills needed to successfully re-integrate back into society upon parole.

These life improvement skills include but are not limited to: Self-help programs, Vocational and Basic Educational, Spiritual, and College Programs.

Institution Details

ISP jointly occupies with Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) approximately 1,700 acres of State-owned property, of which ISP encompasses approximately 640 acres.  The prison complex occupies an estimated 350 acres with the remaining acreage used for erosion control, drainage ditches, and catch basins.

ISP was activated February 1, 1994.  ISP has four semi-autonomous Level III facilities and an outside Level I facility.  Each of the facilities contains five 270 designed housing units with a 100 designed bed capacity.  Facilities A and B have been converted to house inmates with Sensitive Needs (SNY).  One of the Level III 270 designed housing units in Facility A also has been converted to house the Administrative Segregation Unit.  The Level I facility has two 100-bed housing units.  The institution does not have a firehouse; fire protection is provided by shared services with CVSP.

ISP’s designed capacity is approximately 2,200 inmates.  Currently there are 3,280 inmates housed at ISP.


34% - Hispanic
22% - Mexican
20% - Black
14% - White
10% - Other

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