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Sending money to an inmate at this institution is changing

Beginning April 1, 2015, this institution will participate in a 60-day pilot program using the Lock Box service. Lock Box allows for incoming inmate monies to be mailed to a secured centralized depository. Upon completion of the pilot program, these institutions will use the Lock Box service for inmate deposits of checks and money orders up to $999.99. Checks and Money Orders in the Amount of $1,000.00 or more will still be accepted at the institution.

The process for Electronic Fund Transfers remains unchanged for ALL prisons. Find out more about sending money to inmates.

Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP)

Aerial view of Kern Valley State Prison. CLICK to download a copy.
Physical Address: Mailing Address:
3000 West Cecil Avenue
Delano, CA 93216-6000
(661) 721-6300
P.O. Box 3130
Delano, CA 93216-6000

Warden Biter (A)
Martin Biter,

Inmate Mailing address by Institutional Facility:

Facility 'A'
P.O. Box 5101
Delano, CA 93216
Facility 'B'
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216
Facility 'C'
P.O. Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216
Facility 'D'
P.O. Box 5104
Delano, CA 93216
Facility 'M'
P.O. Box 5105
Delano, CA 93216
P.O. Box 5107
Delano, CA 93216
P.O. Box 5106
Delano, CA 93216


Note: Make sure to include Inmate's Name and CDCR number as well as last known housing.

Kern Valley State Prison - Mission Statement

The primary mission of Kern Valley State Prison is to protect the public by providing safe custody, quality health care and the appropriate supervision of sentenced offenders. In conjunction with the Mission, the institution will promote viable work assignments, vocational training, and educational opportunities for offenders in order to foster an environment wherein positive changes can occur.

The secondary mission of Kern Valley State Prison is to provide meaningful work, training, and education programs for inmates who do not meet the criteria for assignment to a conservation camp.  These alternative assignments include academic and vocational trade programs, facility maintenance jobs, food service positions, and other facility support assignments.

Institution Details

KVSP is a Level IV facility consisting of four (4) semi-autonomous 180 designed facilities and two (2) stand alone Administrative Segregation Units all surrounded by a Lethal Electrified Perimeter Fence. There is also a Level I Minimum Support Facility (MSF). Facility D (180) will house the Transitional Housing Unit. It is on 600 acres with 200 acres across the street that PIA grow alfalfa on. We received Level I's in June 2005 and Level IV's in July 2005.

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