Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP)

Contact & Visiting Information

Main Phone: (831) 678-5500

Physical Address:

  • 31625 Highway 101, Soledad, CA 93960

Mailing Addresses:

  • Institution: P. O. Box 1020, Soledad, CA 93960-1020
  • Inmate Mail: P. O. Box 1050, Soledad, CA 93960-1050
    (make sure to include Inmate's Name and CDCR number as well as last known housing)

Visiting Hours

Saturdays and Sundays and Designated Holidays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Visitors are NOT to be on grounds prior to 7:45 a.m.
Visitors will not be checked in after 2:00 p.m.

Visiting Assistance:

A CDCR funded Visitor Center is at the institution operated by a community-based organization under contract to CDCR. The Visitor Center provides visiting assistance to family members and friends including a sheltered place to wait before and after visits, transportation to and from local transit terminals, childcare, clothing appropriate for visits on loan, and information about local resources, visiting rules and regulations.

Statewide Inmate Family Council Message:

Local Inmate Family Councils (IFC's) are a gathering of family and friends of the incarcerated who meet regularly with Wardens to support visiting since keeping strong family connections with loved ones is a powerful rehabilitative tool. These IFC's promote visiting by clarifying rules and regulations as well as discussing health, education, vocational training, packages, books, and related issues. For more information on connecting with a local IFC, please visit the Statewide IFC website.

General Directions:

From Sacramento:

  • Take I-5 south for approximately 116 miles to CA-152 west toward Monterey/Hollister
  • Follow CA-152 west for approximately 37 miles, and then take CA-156 west towards Hollister to US-101 south
  • Take US-101 south toward Salinas for approximately 53 miles
  • Salinas Valley State Prison is approximately 30 miles south of the city of Salinas, and is adjacent to US-101, in the city of Soledad.

From Los Angeles:

  • Take I-5 north for approximately 280 miles to CA-46 west
  • Follow CA-46 west for approximately 64 miles to US-101 north
  • Take US-101 North for approximately 66 miles.  Salinas Valley State Prison is located adjacent to US-101, in the city of Soledad.

Important Information To Know When Visiting SVSP

Visitors to Salinas Valley State Prison will exit from US 101 at the "Correctional Facility" exit. This exit is for both SVSP and the Correctional Training Facility (CTF). SVSP is not visible because it is located behind CTF. SVSP visitors will need to proceed down the main entrance road and turn right onto Salinas Valley Road. Continue along the current route and CTF will be on your left hand side. There are two separate stop signs and CTF will continue to be on your left hand side. At the second stop sign you will see SVSP on your right hand side, continue going straight and the road will curve off to the right. The visitor's parking lot will be the first parking lot on the right hand side. Visitors will walk to the Visitor's Processing Center (follow the Yellow line) where visiting staff will verify your appointment time and issue a visitor's pass. When called for, approach the counter for processing and follow staffs instructions. All items are subject to staff inspection upon entrance into the institution. Visitors with handicap placards should proceed on up to the Administration Building for handicapped parking.

All contact visiting appointments can be made at, on the Visiting Processing Appointment Schedule System (VPASS). Ensure you receive a confirmation assigning you an appointment. General visiting is on Saturdays and Sundays. Non-contact appointments can only be made by calling the institution @ (831)678-5500 Ext: 5708 Monday- Friday 8:00-4:00. Non-contact visitors must arrive one hour prior to their appointment for processing. Failure to do, will automatically cancel the appointment and the visitor will not be able to visit that day. Walk in visitors will be accepted and may line up no earlier than 10:45.

Visitors should contact the Visitor's Information Hotline (800) 374-8474 or view the message board on VPASS, for the current visiting status of each facility. The information on the Hotline is updated as changes occur. The status on each facility may change without prior notice.

Psychiatric Inpatient Programs (PIP) participants are inmates housed in buildings C5, C6, Treatment Center 1 and Treatment Center 2. Designated visiting days are Thursdays and Fridays. All Contact and Non-Contact visits for PIP must be scheduled a week in advance by calling 831-678-5500 Ext: 5708. All PIP inmates require additional approval prior to scheduling.

About Salinas Valley State Prison

Aerial of Salinas Valley State PrisonAerial photo. Click image for larger view.

The mission of Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) is to provide long-term housing and services for minimum and maximum custody male inmates. In doing so SVSP offers educational, religious and self-help programming in the ongoing effort to help alleviate adverse behavior and reduce recidivism within the prison system. SVSP employees take pride in their continual efforts to ensure the delivery of services to the inmate population and in their primary mission of ensuring public safety and trust.


Institution Details

Productivity and self-improvement opportunities are provided for inmates through academic classes, work programs, religious and self-help groups. SVSP is continually moving forward to increase the quantity and quality of programming afforded to the inmate population in an ongoing effort to help reduce recidivism. SVSP was constructed to meet the access requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). SVSP has been designated to house Level I, III, and IV inmates. The housing of these inmates is accomplished on a Minimum Support Facility (MSF), two 270 design facilities, two 180 design facilities and a 100 cell standalone Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU). SVSP has a Correctional Treatment Center (CTC) where inmates receive professionally supervised health care in an inpatient setting. SVSP provides Correctional Clinical Case Management System (CCCMS), Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP) and Mental Health Crisis Bed (MHCB) for those inmates requiring mental health services. SVSP also houses inmates who meet the criteria of the CDCR Disability Placement Program (DPP) excluding DPV, DPH and DPS.

This facility provides both outpatient and inpatient mental health services for patients with a serious mental disorder. The licensed Psychiatric Inpatient Program at this facility is designed to provide more intensive treatment for patients who cannot function adequately or stabilize in an outpatient program.

Warden Muniz

About the Warden

William Muniz has been warden or acting warden at the Salinas Valley State Prison since 2015.

He has served in several positions at the institution since 1998, including chief deputy administrator, correctional administrator, captain, lieutenant and sergeant. Muniz served as a correctional officer at the Correctional Training Facility, Soledad, from 1994 to 1998.