Division of
Adult Parole
Operations (DAPO)

Parole Agents at a meeting Operation guardian Shield Logo

Operation Guardian

In its ongoing efforts to safeguard the public from gang violence, CDCR’s Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) led unannounced compliance checks this morning at the homes of parolees as part of Operation Guardian – one of the largest and most comprehensive sweeps in recent years focusing on parolees who have known ties to criminal gangs... » More

CDCR Implements Public Safety Reforms to Parole Supervision, Expanded Incentive Credits for Inmates

Non-Revocable Parole

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) on Monday will launch, as required by a new law, public safety reforms to encourage inmates to complete rehabilitation programs, to improve supervision for high-risk parolees and to better partner with communities in managing minor parole violators... » More

Parolee Reentry Court Program

Also featured Within Adult Parole

Parole to Conduct Random Sex Offender Checks During "Operation Boo"

Operation Boo Badge

Parole agents from CDCR will be enforcing special limits on sex offenders during "Operation Boo" to ensure that they stay home and away from children on Halloween Night...» More

Why did CDCR develop a Parole Violation Decision Making Instrument?

Known as " PVDMI," this is part of an overall strategy designed to reduce risk of recidivism, enhance success on parole, and utilize resources in the most effective manner. ...» More

New Sex Offender Information Page

California has enacted historic new laws pertaining to sex offenders. CDCR Strictly enforces Jessica's Law to keep sex offenders who are on parole from living within 2,000 feet of schools and parks...» More

How Does GPS Work?

Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring works due to the triangulation of satellites, orbiting the earth. 24 satellites are used in all ...» More

Sex Offender Statistics

The passage of Jessica’s Law was a historic moment for the State of California, which has the highest population of sex offenders in the nation...» More

Parolee Requirements

All parolee’s are subject to additional statutory requirements as a condition to their release from state prison...» More

Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO)

The Division of Adult Parole Operations (Referred hereafter as DAPO) is responsible for the following area of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which include:

Protecting the community by enabling the parole agents to be an active part of the community’s public safety plans; providing a range of resources and services to offer the opportunity for change; and encouraging and assisting parolees in their effort to reintegrate into the community.

DAPO produces a number of guidance documents as well as reports that provide information to parolees and the general public.

Among others, one of the documents produced is: The Parolee Handbook, which provides parolees a guide on resources available to them. Internally, DAPO has several units that manage resources for the Division: Our Program Development Unit manages statewide contracted services which provide parolees Residential Multi-service Centers (RMSC), Computerized Literacy Learning Centers (CLLC), various other Drug Treatment, and education programs, and numerous job-placement assistance programs. Some of the other programs DAPO manages are The Local Assistance Program, High Risk Sex Offenders, Parole & Community Team (PACT), and the Transitional Case Management Program (TCMP).

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