Exonerated Persons

Community reentry services available for exonerated inmates through local service providers. We provide access to community and reentry programs and services, to help ease the transition of exonerated inmates back into the community.

Financial Planning
Budgeting and money management training teaches skills such as: how to manage personal finances, establishing and maintaining bank accounts, responsible bill paying, responsible use of credit, and living within financial means.

Family Relationships
The goal of working on family relationships is to strengthen and/or renew family foundations by minimizing stress and anxiety, and promoting healthy family values and parenting skills. Working with the participant’s family to create a support network is important for the participant to successfully return to the community.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Prevention Based Education
Community-based providers provide residential services. Sober Living Environments may also be available in conjunction with outpatient treatment services. Also available are substance abuse education classes and relapse prevention services.

Community educational program components include: assessment of reading levels and deficit, computer-based curriculum for proficiency in reading, writing, math skills, computer literacy, and an opportunity to obtain a General Education Diploma and employment services.

The goal of community-based employment services is to assist participants in securing employment. Employment program components include: job readiness and retention training, life skills, and employment assistance.

Transitional Housing
Transitional housing is temporary residency service and is typically combined with additional services to assist in successfully transitioning back into the community. Transitional housing services do not provide substance abuse treatment services.

Housing Allowance
An exonerated person may be eligible to receive direct payment or reimbursement for reasonable housing costs as specified in California Penal Code 3007.05(d)(2) and (3). To expedite this process, complete CDCR Form 0100 Exonerated Person Housing Allowance and contact the Reentry Coordination Program.

Contact Information
Reentry Coordination Program
(916) 323 – 4063