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Victim & Survivor
Rights & Services

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Request for Victim Services Form (CDCR 1707) PDF - 417kb | Download

Petición de Servicios para Víctimas (CDCR 1707A) PDF - 85kb | Descargar

Request for Offender Information (Juvenile) PDF - 139kb | Download

Confidential Victim's Declaration Form PDF - 95kb | Download

Victimas Declaración de Confidencial PDF - 79kb | Descargar

Confidential Victim's Next-of-Kin Declaration Form PDF - 87kb | Download

Declaración De Los Familiares de Las Victimas Confidencial PDF - 74kb | Descargar

Parole Suitability Hearing Transcript Request PDF - 120kb | Download


Publications & Handbooks


Victim and Survivor Rights and Services Overview PDF - 268kb | Download

A Guide for Writing Victim Impact Statements for
Parole Consideration Hearings for Life-Sentenced Adult Inmates
PDF - 225kb | Download

Board of Parole Hearings Handbook
Information for Victims and Their Families
PDF - 127kb | Download

Victim and Witness Handbook for Adult Offender
Parole Revocation Hearings
PDF - 117kb | Download

Things to Know: Legal Documents PDF - 354kb | Download

Things to Know: Non-Revocable Parole PDF - 516kb | Download


Financial Recovery: A Victim's Guide to Restitution PDF - 565kb | Download

Recuperación Financiera: Una guía para la restitución de victimas
PDF - 1553kb | Descargar

An Adult Offender's Guide to Restitution PDF - 155kb | Download

Guia Para Pagar Restitucion Adulta PDF - 150kb | Descargar

Restitution Flyer PDF - 1.08mb | Download

Prison Restitution Project 2004 Survey: Findings & Objectives PDF - 336kb | Download

Prison Restitution Project 2004 Survey: Appendix PDF - 66kb | Download

Annual Restitution Collection Report PDF - 28kb | Download


Juvenile Offender Information

Program Information Fact Sheet PDF - 48kb | Download

Information for Victims Brochure PDF - 113kb | Download

Restitution Information for Victims Brochure PDF - 119kb | Download

Victim Impact Statement Writing Guide PDF - 148kb | Download

Offender Restitution Brochure PDF - 124kb | Download

Staff Victim Notification Request Form PDF - 53kb | Download

Post Incident Stress Coping Strategies PDF - 20kb | Download

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