Parole Hearing Travel Voucher

Board of Parole Hearings-Travel Expense Claim (BPH-TEC)

The Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services (OVSRS) has funds available through a federal grant which allows for reimbursement for costs associated with travel to a parole proceeding for victims and victims next of kin. This project was supported by funding awarded by Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), funded through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).
To request reimbursement please fill out State of California Form, CDC 1880, Travel expense Claim.

Fill out the top section of Travel Expense Claim (CDC 1880) to include:

  • Full Legal Name (CLAIMANT’S NAME)
  • Home Address: (Street address, City, State and zip code)
  • Last Four of your Social Security Number (XXX-XX-_ _ _ _)
  • Phone number

Proceed to boxes (1) through (15):

  • (1) Month/year of the proceeding you went to.
  • (2) Date of proceeding – approximate time of proceeding
  • (3) Location of proceeding – Prison name and city
  • (4) - (9) See instructions on back
  • (10) Subtotal (Proof of receipt required for voucher/Receipt must be related to travel for specific parole board proceeding.)
  • (11) Purpose of the trip – please write in: To Attend a Parole Board Proceeding for Inmate/Ward ________ with CDC/DJJ Number_________.
  • (12) Not Applicable (n/a)
  • (13) Driver’s license number or vehicle license plate number
  • (14) The mileage rate is already a set rate of $0.500 cents.
  • (15) Sign and date the form

Attach original receipts to your form.

Mail the above forms with original receipts to the following -

PO Box 942883
Sacramento, CA 94283-0001

Please allow approximately eight weeks for processing. Claims are subject to review. If you have questions about the forms or need more instructions, please contact OVSRS at (877) 256-6877 Ext. 2

Expense Detail Information (sections 4 through 9)

  • (4) LODGING - Enter lodging costs for that day if applicable
  • (5) MEALS
    • Breakfast - Actual expense up to $6. Trip must begin before 6 am and end after 9 am.
    • Lunch - Actual expense up to $10. Lunch may not be claimed on trips lasting less than 24 hours.
    • Dinner - Actual expense up to $20. Trip must begin before 4 pm and end after 7 pm
  • (6) INCIDENTALS - May not be claimed on trips lasting less than 24 hours
    • (A) Cost of transportation - Enter cost if transportation was something other than your personal vehicle
    • (B) Type Used - Enter type of transportation used (PV=Personal Vehicle)
    • (C) Carfare, tolls, parking -Enter associated costs
    • (D) Private Car Use - Enter number of miles. Multiply number of miles by 0.50 and enter under Amount
  • (8) BUSINESS EXPENSE - Not Applicable
  • (9) TOTAL EXPENSES FOR DAY - Enter total of expenses


We recommend booking travel directly through hotel or airline companies, not third party vendors. Receipts from third party vendors (Orbitz, Expedia, etc.) can not be accepted for travel reimbursement. Travelers using a third party vendor must do the following in order to receive reimbursement:

1. Verify with the on-line third party vendor and the lodging establishment, before you book your travel, that you will receive receipts showing, in detail:

  • Your check-in and check-out dates,
  • The itemized expenses you incurred, and
  • The total amount you paid for your stay

2. Provide a valid receipt from the on-line third party vendor and a valid receipt from the hotel where you stayed and include those with your Travel Expense Claim (TEC) for reimbursement.

Common errors when submitting travel expense claims include:

  • Do not use white-out on the travel expense claim. The State Controller’s Office will not process any forms with white-out on the form. If you make an error please put one line through the error.
  • Do not write notes on the Travel Expense Claim (CDC 1880). Use a separate piece of paper for notes.
  • Only use one claim per person.
  • Do not staple multiple claims together.
  • Only use black or dark blue ink on the forms.

The Federal grant used for the reimbursement is awarded by fiscal year. Please turn your claim in promptly after attending the parole proceeding to ensure payment.