Hearing Schedule

February 2023 Hearing Calendar

Below are the Parole Suitability Hearings scheduled from February 15th through February 28th, 2023.

February 2023 Hearing Schedule (Updated every Thursday, data as of 02/22/2023)

KEO, JORDANAE4891Initial Suitability HearingSanta ClaraPanel ACalifornia City Correctional FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
JONES, DONALD, RAYP78140Initial Suitability HearingSacramentoPanel ACalifornia Correctional InstitutionVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
SOMMER, STEVENBH8176Medical Parole HearingSacramentoPanel ACalifornia Health Care FacilityVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
VARGO, ROBERT, GENEK08919Initial Suitability HearingSan DiegoPanel ACalifornia Health Care FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
MCNEIL, THOMAS, ROBERTF07446Initial Suitability HearingSan BernardinoPanel ACalifornia Institution for MenVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
CHAPARRO, ANTHONY, VALDOVINOSP91038Subsequent Suitability HearingFresnoPanel ACalifornia Institution for MenVC Hearing 02/24/202310:30 AM
PADILLIA, FRANCISCO, GONZALEZAN0819Initial Suitability HearingMercedPanel ACalifornia Institution for MenVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
HERNANDEZ, RICHARD, ANTHONYP18933Initial Suitability HearingMerced,FresnoPanel ACalifornia Medical FacilityVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
CUMAR, DOLORESBA3113Medical Parole HearingLos AngelesPanel ACalifornia Medical FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202311:30 AM
THOMAS, BERNARDP19945Subsequent Suitability HearingAlamedaPanel ACalifornia Medical FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
APOLLO, JOHN, VINCENTC60209Subsequent Suitability HearingEl DoradoPanel ACalifornia Medical FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
MAYWEATHERS, KARLUK, MCGAILD32829Medical Parole HearingRiversidePanel ACalifornia Medical FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202301:30 PM
VELASCO, DONALD, MARKT91270Initial Suitability HearingSanta ClaraPanel ACalifornia Medical FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202310:30 AM
ALLEN, KENNETH, WILKENSC56316Subsequent Suitability HearingSolanoPanel ACalifornia Men’s ColonyVC Hearing 02/28/202311:30 AM
COWAN, ERICP34272Initial Suitability HearingSan DiegoPanel ACalifornia Men’s ColonyVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
MENDEZ, VICTOR, MANUELK32976Subsequent Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel ACalifornia State Prison, CorcoranVC Hearing 02/24/202310:30 AM
HERNANDEZ, ESTEBAN, DEMECIOG12779Initial Suitability HearingKernPanel ACalifornia State Prison, CorcoranVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
MARTIN, LANELLV61505Subsequent Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel ACalifornia State Prison, CorcoranVC Hearing 02/28/202310:30 AM
ORNALEZ, JASON, ANTHONYE69754Subsequent Suitability HearingKernPanel ACalifornia State Prison, Los Angeles CountyVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
BOOKER, AHMAD, RASHADV74516Initial Suitability HearingImperial,RiversidePanel ACalifornia State Prison, SacramentoVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
FROST, SHAWN, KEVINH86714Initial Suitability HearingSacramentoPanel ACalifornia State Prison, SacramentoVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
BOWIE, ROBERT, CHARLEST60897Initial Suitability HearingSan Bernardino,KingsPanel ACalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
REYES, RICHARD, MARIANOAK5503Initial Suitability HearingSanta BarbaraPanel BCalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
RODRIGUEZ, RAULV94653Initial Suitability HearingOrangePanel ACalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
SMITH, DANIELC76433Subsequent Suitability HearingSacramentoPanel BCalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202310:30 AM
VAN ALSTINE, JAMES, ROBERTC77238Subsequent Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel BCalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
HAMPTON, DAVID, WAYNEAH1207Initial Suitability HearingMercedPanel ACalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
WIZAR, JERRYAK5948Initial Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel ACalifornia Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202310:30 AM
MARISCAL, JOSE, LUISK60496Initial Suitability HearingRiversidePanel ACentinela State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
CLARK, DONOVANE24823Subsequent Suitability HearingLos Angeles,Imperial,LassenPanel ACentinela State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
LEWIS, KEVIN, LEEC96812Initial Suitability HearingLos Angeles,ImperialPanel ACentinela State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202311:30 AM
AHLERS, TERESA, MARIEW20505Medical Parole HearingSan Bernardino,OrangePanel ACentral California Women’s FacilityVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
ESSWEIN, MARSHA, KAYWG5943Medical Parole HearingRiversidePanel ACentral California Women’s FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
MARTIN, CHARLOTTEW62214Medical Parole HearingLos AngelesPanel ACentral California Women’s FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202311:30 AM
RIOS, ANDREW, LOYAT15743Subsequent Suitability HearingSan DiegoPanel AChuckawalla Valley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
CLARK, TOMMY, EDWARDG22225Subsequent Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel AChuckawalla Valley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
LAMBIRTH, RAYMOND, LEWISB83952RescissionSan Bernardino,AmadorPanel ACorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
ORTIZ, JORGEAN0763Initial Suitability HearingFresnoPanel ACorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/24/202311:30 AM
ADAMS, TIMOTHY, SCOTTH72199Subsequent ReconsiderationRiversidePanel BCorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
CASTREJON, RUBENC07407Subsequent Suitability HearingSan BernardinoPanel ACorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202310:30 AM
FLETCHER, SHAWNH10330Subsequent Suitability HearingAlamedaPanel ACorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
LOVE, JOHN, WILLIAMH11023Subsequent Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel BCorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202301:30 PM
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL, STEVENC88418Subsequent Suitability HearingRiversidePanel BCorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202310:30 AM
ZAVALA, OCTAVIO, RUIZE70617Subsequent ReconsiderationLos AngelesPanel ACorrectional Training FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202301:30 PM
HOAC, QUOC, CHIK19964Subsequent Suitability HearingSacramento,LassenPanel AFolsom State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
SKINNER, JONATHAN, JOSEPHP48592Subsequent Suitability HearingSutterPanel AFolsom State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
SOLIZ, JOHN, LOUIS, JRC62754Subsequent Suitability HearingSan BernardinoPanel AFolsom State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202311:30 AM
HAILESLASSIE, TEWOLDEAR9680RescissionSanta ClaraPanel AFolsom State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202311:30 AM
REED, TOM, LEED24380Subsequent Suitability HearingContra Costa,SolanoPanel AFolsom State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
GARCIA, NESTORG51170Initial Suitability HearingSan DiegoPanel AIronwood State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
KHOTSOMBATH, KEVIN, PHETHAMATHAK2250Initial Suitability HearingOrangePanel AIronwood State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
NGUYEN, TRUONG, TONAH1382Subsequent Suitability HearingDel Norte,RiversidePanel AIronwood State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202311:30 AM
ROSAS, FLAVIOAB6094Initial Suitability HearingLos Angeles,Kern,Sacramento,KingsPanel AKern Valley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
CHANCE, DAVID, ALLENB40557Subsequent Suitability HearingSan Diego,San JoaquinPanel AKern Valley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
DOMINGUEZ, FRANK, GLENNJ05510Subsequent Suitability HearingNapaPanel AMule Creek State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202311:30 AM
HENDERSON, LANCEV25372Initial Suitability HearingSacramentoPanel AMule Creek State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
MCKINNON, WILLIE, SYLVESTERV29607Subsequent Suitability HearingSan BernardinoPanel ANorth Kern State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
ALEXANDER, HESTONC69064Subsequent Suitability HearingLos Angeles,SacramentoPanel ARichard J. Donovan Correctional FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
BENNETT, JUAN, GUILLERMOC62726Subsequent Suitability HearingLos Angeles,San Bernardino,Kern,KingsPanel ARichard J. Donovan Correctional FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202301:30 PM
ROBINSON, RONNIE, VOND99021Subsequent Suitability HearingLos AngelesPanel ARichard J. Donovan Correctional FacilityVC Hearing 02/28/202310:30 AM
VILLALOBOS, HOMERO, MORAV74683Initial Suitability HearingSanta ClaraPanel ASalinas Valley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
LANDRY, SAMUELD16449Subsequent Suitability HearingLos Angeles,San FranciscoPanel ASalinas Valley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
FARIAS, JORGE, ALBERTOAL1977Initial Suitability HearingKernPanel ASalinas Valley State PrisonIn-Person02/28/202308:30 AM
ANCHOR, DEAN, ROBERTD71039Subsequent ReconsiderationSanta CruzPanel ASan Quentin State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
GODDARD, SHANE, CARSONH29361Subsequent Suitability HearingSan DiegoPanel ASan Quentin State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
WILLIAMS, CLIFTOND34287Subsequent Suitability HearingSacramentoPanel ASan Quentin State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202311:30 AM
MUNOZ, VICTOR, JAMESH05277RescissionTuolumne,CalaverasPanel ASan Quentin State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202311:30 AM
ZSEMLYE, FRANKAY6396Subsequent ReconsiderationOrangePanel ASan Quentin State PrisonVC Hearing 02/28/202308:30 AM
AUSTIN, ARTHUR, ALEXANDERF69394Subsequent Suitability HearingSacramentoPanel AValley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/23/202308:30 AM
GILLEY, JACK, FREDERICKK31611Subsequent Suitability HearingContra CostaPanel AValley State PrisonVC Hearing 02/24/202308:30 AM
RUDULPH, MARK, ALEXANDERV11015Initial Suitability HearingRiversidePanel AValley State PrisonIn-Person02/28/202308:30 AM