To check your current status, click on the panel number listed below: (Hyperlinks to each Panel)

Panel 1:    PBSP
Panel 2:    HDSP and CCC
Panel 3:    CMF, SOL and SQ
Panel 4:    FOL, SAC, MCSP and SACCO
Panel 5:    CHCF, SCC and DVI
Panel 6:    VSP and CCWF
Panel 7:    CTF and SVSP
Panel 8:    PVSP, SATF, COR, NKSP, WSP, KVSP and ASP
Panel 9:    CMC
Panel 10:  CCI, CAC, and LAC
Panel 11:  CIM and CIW
Panel 12:  ISP and CVSP
Panel 13:  CAL, CEN and RJD
Panel 14:  ASH
Panel 15:  PSH

BOARD PROCEEDINGS BY LOCATION – The Board shall periodically calculate the number of Active Attorneys needed for each panel by adding one attorney for every 65 proceedings conducted at each facility. For the most recent proceeding numbers view Proceedings by Location.

ACTIVE ATTORNEYS – Highlighted in green are Active Attorneys currently eligible to accept assignments. Attendance is mandatory at the yearly orientation. View the Active Attorneys page for a complete list of minimum qualifications.

STANDBY ATTORNEYS – Highlighted in yellow are Standby Attorneys indicating readiness to accept assignments as needed. The Standby group is equal to the number of Active Attorneys per panel and attendance is expected at yearly orientation. View the Standby Attorneys page for a complete list of minimum qualifications.

INACTIVE ATTORNEYS – Attorneys not highlighted are considered inactive and progress eligibility throughout the year. The Board recommends checking priority status quarterly. Inactive Attorneys are encouraged to attend yearly orientation. View the Inactive Attorneys page for complete list of minimum qualifications.