Community Involvement

CDCR pitches in for preparedness day

Two men in uniform and a young girl wearing some tactical gear.
CRT members answered questions and met those attending the event.

On Sept. 14, CDCR staff joined the effort to help educate residents on how to prepare for an emergency and to reassure the public the department is prepared if disaster strikes.

The California Preparedness Day is an event where CDCR’s Emergency Planning and Management Unit (EPMU), along with a few other units, represent the department and share with the community efforts to respond and handle emergency situations, unruly inmates that can cause damage or harm to institutions or staff, or how our staff can assist outside agencies via K9 units and Crisis Response Teams (CRT).

The CDCR booth in Old Sacramento included CRT members, their tactical gear and a video of their training, department informational flyers, and K9 officers, their dogs and gear.

The K9 teams also did some demonstrations and showed how some of our dogs can search for narcotics and alert their handler when they get a positive hit.

“Those of us working the booth answered questions asked by other, event organizers, other booth workers, and community members in attendance,” said Mandy Johnson, Emergency Services Coordinator, EPMU.

K9 officer with dog and boy wearing helmet and vest, all in front of a law enforcement vehicle.
Officer Chamberlin and Jett meet a young boy who tried wearing some of the tactical gear.

Participating CDCR staff

  • Mandy Johnson, ESC, from EPMU
  • Dave Lewis, ESC, from EPMU
  • Gene Chamberlin, Sgt, Northern Region K9, and Jett
  • Avelino Ramirez, Officer, SQ K9, and Teddy
  • David Rosario, Officer, SOL K9, and Bentley
  • Paul Avery, Officer, SAC K9, and Scout
  • Shane Teragawa, Sergeant, SAC CRT
  • Doug Struve, Sergeant, SAC CRT
  • Orlando Arguinzoni, Sergeant, FOL CRT
Men and women stand behind a table full of flyers and other informational handouts.
CDCR staff the CAL OES Emergency Preparedness Day on Sept. 14 in Old Sacramento.