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Folsom Women’s Facility nurse creates masks

Woman holds a mask she created.
LVN Laura Nunes has sewn hundreds of masks for Folsom Women's Facility staff, friends and family.

Folsom Women’s Facility Licensed Vocational Nurse Laura Nunes saw the supply shortage of masks and took it upon herself to make a difference. To help her coworkers, she used her own supplies to make masks for all staff who needed one.

“I wanted to help my fellow coworkers,” she said. “I saw a need and ran with it.”

A quilter in her spare time, Nunes said she had the supplies, skills and a machine to get it done.

“By making cloth masks, Laura helped to reduce the usage of surgical masks and improve staff and patient safety. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Laura Nunes, you rock,” said Chief Nurse Executive Eugenia Walker.

AGPA Mary Trevino, one of the employees who received a mask, said the act was “very thoughtful and generous of her to take the time to create the masks not only for the safety of her co-workers but families as well by offering additional masks if needed.”

So far, LVN Nunes has sewn 700 masks, with 500 going specifically to Folsom Women’s Facility staff and their families. The other masks were given to her own family friends.

Pharmacy Technician Jonathan Anaya, who also received a mask, said, “I have never seen someone spring into action to protect those they might only see in passing, but during this economic, scarcity, and pandemic crisis, Laura represents the very best of us.”

Why do it? “It makes me feel wonderful to do something good for mankind,” she said.

By CCHCS staff

A nurse stands beside equipment while wearing a mask.
An appreciative RN wears her mask crafted by LVN Nunes at Folsom Women’s Facility.

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