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Pelican Bay turns to mask‑making

Photo of crocheted masks of different colors, characters and sizes.
Inmate-made masks are being donated in the community near Pelican Bay State Prison.

By Lt. Del Higgerson

Crafts for Community (CFC) at Pelican Bay State Prison’s Facility D, Level II, has turned from craft-making to crocheting masks. 

Volunteers include 10 inmates who are busy crocheting the much-needed items. In a week-and-a-half, they made over 50 masks to be distributed in the community. They hope to make hundreds more.

With the assistance of Officer J. Valdez, the Inmate Leisure Time Activity Program started in April 2018. The goal of Crafts for Community is to teach basic fundamentals of crochet and beading. 

The program teaches problem solving, promotes patience, and fosters a sense of self-worth.  The group has helped with several community fundraisers and donated to those in need such as convalescent homes, battered women’s shelters, and the homeless. 

Some of the donated crafts include stuffed animals, hats, scarves, booties, beanies, blankets, necklaces and bracelets.