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CMC thanks nurses, educators, officers

A sign in front of California Men's Colony says "thank you for being a front line hero."
In front of California Men's Colony, a sign greeted those entering the institution.

During challenging times, prison leadership honors all staff

California Men’s Colony (CMC) joined other institutions to thank officers, teachers, and nurses during the first week of May.

During normal circumstances, those vocations are demanding and challenging. With COVID-19, the circumstances are anything but normal.

Yet those who have dedicated their lives to healing, educating and protecting others must carry the business of our nation and state forward. Every day, the nurses, teachers and correctional staff who work within CDCR institutions leave their loved ones behind in order to do the work of the people of California.

As millions of Californians shelter-in-place in order to protect themselves from the possibility of exposure to the novel coronavirus, thousands of CDCR professionals selflessly leave their homes and enter CDCR institutions in order to care for, teach and keep the peace among CDCR’s inmate population.

California Men’s Colony (CMC) institution and healthcare managers have not let these difficult times diminish their appreciation for staff.

Handmade posters and candy bowls with messages of thanks greet the staff each day as they enter CMC. While those gestures cannot fully express the appreciation for our staff, we know it is important to remind those who work behind the walls they are never forgotten.

On May 13, CMC’s management team continued expressing their gratitude for staff by providing free desserts in order to say thank you for a job well done.

By Lt. John Hill, AA/PIO

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