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CHCF highlights Correctional Officers Week

Five correctional officers hold a sign saying "best mask".
The best masks were part of CHCF's Correctional Officers Week.

This year’s Correctional Officers Week at the California Health Care Facility (CHCF) has been nothing short of eventful. The daily activities ranged from managers having a cookout for the officers, photo opportunities, a Suited and Booted Contest, and a Best Mask Contest. 

During these unprecedented times, Warden (A) Eldridge and CHCF management wanted to show appreciation.

As new challenges unfold in CDCR facilities, these are turned into opportunities by officers. Using the current challenge of the constant mask wearing, many of our staff have called upon their creative side and created their own masks.

For our Best Mask Contest, we had three individuals picked and one group picked by the Warden. The winners of the Best Mask Contest will be receiving priority parking as their prize. 

The Suited and Booted event represented housing units for each facility. Two rose to the top — units C5B and E3A. As a reward, the units will receive pizza in their honor for their great work!

Warden (A) Eldridge also held random prize giveaways ranging from challenge coins, CHCF belt buckles, custom hot/cold cups (made and donated by Correctional Officer W. Joslin), sling backpacks and lunch totes. All prizes were made available through the support of CHCF’s management team, California Correctional Supervisors Organization and California Correctional Peace Officers Association.

By Lt. O.K. Ratliff, AA/PIO

Banner says celebrating correctional officers week. Thank you for your service.
A CHCF banner celebrates correctional officers.

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