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Transportation officers save mom, baby

Correctional Officers Mayfield and Gomez stand in front of a CDCR transport .
Correctional Officers William Mayfield, left, and G. Gomez help a mother and her infant after a roll-over crash.

Correctional Officer gets baby breathing after car crash

Two CDCR transportation officers helped save a mom and her baby after a rollover crash.

While returning to Valley State Prison during a medical transport, Correctional Officers William Mayfield and G. Gomez saw a car veer off the highway and roll about six times before coming to rest on its roof. The officers pulled over, stopped the van and called 911.

Officer Gomez stayed in the vehicle with the incarcerated individual. Meanwhile, Officer Mayfield ran to the scene of the crash to assess the situation.

When reaching the crashed vehicle, he found the driver crawling out of the driver’s side window. As he got her to safety, she began yelling, “My baby!”

Mayfield returned to the overturned vehicle. In the backseat was a baby, hanging upside down while still buckled in the infant seat.

While freeing the child, the baby’s cries fell silent.

There was still a pulse, but the child wasn’t breathing. To help resuscitate the baby, Officer Mayfield began rubbing the baby’s face and chest. Soon, the baby gasped, took a deep breath and started crying again.

First responders arrived and took control of the scene. Meanwhile, Gomez and Mayfield gave their report to the CHP, then proceeded with the scheduled transport.

The crash happened Sept. 23 at about 10:15 a.m. on Highway 180.

By Lt. David Barksdale

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