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Therapy dog graduates from MCSP

Incarcerated man kneeling next to a dog.
Incarcerated trainers helped rescue dog Burnett earn certification as a therapy dog.

A recent graduate of the Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) therapy dog training program is now comforting firefighters.

When the team at Paws For Life (PFL) K9 Rescue met Burnett at a South L.A. Animal Shelter, they knew he was destined for great things.

Uniformed officer standing and looking down at a dog.
Rescue dog Burnett completed thorough training to help firefighters.

Recently, Burnett was placed as a certified PFL therapy dog with the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, Fire Crew No. 2.

Credit goes to the hard work and dedication of the incarcerated trainers at MCSP. Burnett received specialized training to relieve stress and provide comfort to firefighters on the front lines.

Battling wildfires can take an emotional and physical toll on firefighters, but Burnett has come to the rescue.

As firefighters were being trained to interact with their new therapy dog, Burnett demonstrated his skills performing over 40 commands.

PFL organizers say they are proud to offer this important resource to the County of Los Angeles.

Helping first responders is one of the ways PFL assists the community at large.

PFL thanks the staff at MCSP for continuing to support these efforts.

The program was founded in 2014 with a simple goal to create a dog training program for incarcerated people.

Over time, as PFL saw the impact their program was having on the incarcerated population and the dogs, the group enhanced their programming. The increase training curricula allows for the organization to find new ways to greatly impact the community.

PFL now includes seven programs at three California state prisons with over 180 trainers. The group has also expanded its services to first responders and victims of violent crimes.

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