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Mule Creek honor guard walks for troops

Mule Creek honor guard marches in uniform while carrying flags.
The Mule Creek State Prison Honor Guard marches in the "Walk for the Troops" Memorial Day event in Ione.

Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) continues to support the local community, with the honor guard taking part in the Ione Veterans Memorial Day event, “Walk for the Troops.”

The parade ended at a local park for additional ceremonies. According to Amador County’s website, the event begins with a parade and ceremony at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in downtown Ione. That is followed by a flyover and ends with a walk along South Church Street to Evelyn Bishop Hall in Howard Park. The annual event is the last Friday of April.

Attending this type of event strengthens MCSP’s ties to the community while also representing CDCR.

Committed to supporting our veterans, MCSP continues fundraising, donating and taking part in community events.

By Lieutenant Angelo Gonzalez

Learn more about the event on the Amador County website.

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