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Eagle‑eyed warehouse manager, K‑9 snare drugs

Correctional K-9 officer with dog.
ISU K-9 Officer Fernandez and his partner, Nala, discovered the contraband thanks to a sharp-eyed warehouse manager.

Teamwork between the warehouse and the Investigative Services Unit (ISU) K-9 netted nearly $250,000 in contraband drugs and tobacco at Ironwood State Prison.

On Friday morning, August 26, Warehouse Materials & Stores Supervisor L. Rascon noticed something odd about a package. Rascon reported the package to the ISU. Responding to the call were K-9 Officer Fernandez and his partner Nala.

Nala alerted to the presence of contraband in the box. So the package was transported to the ISU main office for processing.

Opening the package, they found instant-noodle bowls filled with 215 grams of tobacco and 487 grams of concentrated marijuana wax.

This is one more example of staff and K-9 teams preventing contraband drugs and other banned items from entering the prison.

Submitted by Lieutenant Jesus Zavala.

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