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CMC hosts housewarming for Lumina Alliance

Three people and a moving truck filled with household supplies for Lumina Alliance.
Lumina Alliances’ Detention Facilities Program Manager Jatzibe Sandoval, Detention Facilities Advocate Becky Gomez and Chief Program Officer Susan Lamont show off decor created by children as part of CMC’s second annual housewarming party. The truck is filled end-to-end with household items donated by CMC’s staff.

On October 27, California Men’s Colony (CMC) hosted its second housewarming party to support Lumina Alliance of San Luis Obispo.

Staff throughout the institution sponsored nine theme-based tables adorned with decorations and a variety of donated household gifts. The donated items ranged from laundry detergent and dish soap to microwave ovens and baby bottles.

When the items were handed over to Lumina, the donations filled a large moving truck from end to end.

Lumina Alliance’s mission is to “Empower those impacted by sexual and intimate partner violence through innovative advocacy, healing, and prevention programs.”

Many who seek Lumina’s help arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a young child in their arms.

Survivors of abuse and those in their care can seek refuge in Lumina’s confidential emergency shelters. Also, the assistance is free of charge to those in need.

The shelters are stocked with household supplies and clothing, all donated by the community.

Jatzibe Sandoval, who is Lumina’s Detention Facilities Program Manager, wrote an email addressed to CMC staff.

“Thanks to the amazing donations, survivors have the opportunity to start the next step of their journey with new household items,” Sandoval wrote.

CMC’s donations were worth thousands of dollars, but the measure of dignity restored to each survivor by means of those donations is truly invaluable.

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By Lieutenant John Hill

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