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CDCR assists Operation Broken Bonds

Operation Broken Bonds with Valley State Prison officers with their faces away from the camera.
Valley State Prison ISU and CRT during Operation Broken Bonds.

CDCR Crisis Response Teams assisted in Operation Broken Bonds, a large-scale effort involving multiple agencies and over 700 law enforcement officers.

Six CDCR Crisis Response Teams joined other agencies in Fresno and Tulare counties to apprehend Norteño gang members. Over the course of several months, Operation Broken Bonds executed 55 search warrants and arrested 34 people affiliated with the gang.

Law enforcement seized 66 illegal firearms, removing potential weapons of violence from the streets. Additionally, the operation netted $26,000 in cash as well as:

  • 7 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 26 ounces of fentanyl
  • and 15 ounces of cocaine.

According to authorities, the seizures significantly disrupted the area’s drug trade.

CDCR Crisis Response Teams came from multiple correctional facilities across California.

Valley State Prison Warden M. McVay expressed pride in the teams and their commitment to community safety.

“Operation Broken Bonds serves as a powerful example of the impact that coordinated law enforcement efforts can have on combating criminal activities and gang operations,” McVay said. “The operation not only led to many arrests but also removed dangerous weapons and drugs from the streets, ultimately contributing to the safety of all surrounding communities.”

CDCR Operation Broken Bonds participants included Crisis Response Teams from:

  • Avenal and Pleasant Valley State Prison
  • Corcoran State Prison and Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
  • Valley State Prison and Central California Women’s Facility
  • Salinas Valley State Prison and Correctional Training Facility
  • Kern Valley, North Kern, and Wasco State Prison
  • California Correctional Institution and California City Correctional Facility

Also participating were the Office of Correctional Safety Special Service Unit and Valley State Prison Investigative Services Unit.

Submitted by Lt. H. Gastelum

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