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RJD sees rehabilitation through pickleball

People playing pickleball at RJD Correctional Facility.
Pickleball is catching on at RJD.

RJ Donovan Correctional Facility (RJD) joined other CDCR institutions by welcoming pickleball into the prison. Doug Hansen volunteered his time on May 10 to offer pickleball lessons to anyone interested. Many incarcerated people jumped at the chance to learn how to play to sport.

Gearbox, a sports company, donated all the equipment and allowed the facility to keep it for future use.

At RJD, pickleball continues to pique interest and gain popularity. There’s been so much interest, RJD will be facilitating another event on Facility D, to new Level II Non-Designated Programming Facility.

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Submitted by Lt. Adam Garvey

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