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CDCR staff recruiters attend State Fair

California State Fair with three CDCR staff recruiters and a retired warden.
California Medical Facility recruiters had a visit from retired Warden Rick Hill at the State Fair.

CDCR staff recently attended the 2023 California State Fair. The event, known for its blend of entertainment, agriculture, and community engagement, proved to be an excellent opportunity for CDCR recruiters to connect with the public.

Recruiters from eight northern institutions engaged with fair-goers, informing them about CDCR career opportunities. The recruiters discussed the application process, training, and correctional officer responsibilities.

Information was also shared about competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Department’s booth provided an interactive experience for visitors, who were eager to learn more about CDCR initiatives and operations. Recruiters were more than willing to answer questions and provide insights into the organization.

“Attending the California State Fair was a fantastic experience for us,” said one CDCR staff recruiter. “Not only did we get to enjoy the festive atmosphere, but we also had the chance to connect with the community and share CDCR career opportunities.”

The event proved to be a unique opportunity for the CDCR to showcase its commitment to community engagement and transparency.

By participating in the fair, the Department demonstrated its dedication to maintaining open lines of communication with the public it serves. This participation strengthens the Department’s ties with the community while also offering a platform for potential candidates to learn about the various career opportunities within CDCR.

Interested applicants can apply online at

To learn more about the correctional officer selection process, watch this video.

Submitted by Lisa Hamrick, Staff Services Manager
Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center

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