Budget Information

CDCR’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Program Allocation (in thousands)
Corrections and Rehabilitation Administration $411,313,000
Academy $117,571,000
Department of Justice Legal Services $40,659,000
Juvenile Operations and Juvenile Offender Programs $142,572,000
Juvenile Academic and Vocational Education $23,122,000
Juvenile Healthcare $22,089,000
Adult Corrections and Rehabilitation Operations - General Security $3,785,482,000
Adult Corrections and Rehabilitation Operations - Inmate Support $1,602,536,000
Adult Corrections and Rehabilitation Operations - Contracted Facilities $274,401,000
Adult Corrections and Rehabilitation Operations - Institution Administration $568,282,000
Parole Operations - Adult Supervision $285,973,000
Parole Operations - Adult Community Based Programs $205,506,000
Parole Operations - Adult Administration $62,124,000
Sex Offender Management Board and SARATSO Review Committee $1,195,000
Board of Parole Hearings - Adult Hearings $41,154,000
Board of Parole Hearings - Administration $6,893,000
Adult Education, Vocation, and Offender Programs - Adult Education $196,991,000
Adult Education, Vocation, and Offender Programs - Adult Substance Abuse Program $101,434,000
Adult Education, Vocation, and Offender Programs - Adult Inmate Activities $60,688,000
Adult Education, Vocation, and Offender Programs - Adult Administration $19,508,000
Medical Services - Adult $1,729,381,000
Dental Services - Adult $147,675,000
Mental Health Services - Adult $403,529,000
Ancillary Health Care Services - Adult $248,429,000
Dental and Mental Health Services Administration - Adult $41,613,000
TOTAL: $10,540,120,000

The Governor’s Budget is released on January 10th each calendar year and the Budget Act is released once it has been signed by the Governor. For further information on the Governor’s budget or the Budget Act for the current and prior fiscal years, please visit the Department of Finance website.

Budget Services Functions

Budget Management works with the Directorate, Deputy Director-Financial Services Division and Accounting staff as well as external control agencies (i.e., Department of Finance, and State Controller’s Office) to make changes to the Department’s budget for publication in the Governor’s Budget due January 10th of each year. The staff administer the budget to each program through an allocation of funding and subsequent revisions during the fiscal year as well as provide budget expertise to Executives. The primary functions of the Budget Management Branch are to:

  • Provide budget related support functions to the Division of Adult Institutions (DAI), Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), Headquarters, Division of Adult Paroles (DAPO), and Division of Health Care Services.
  • Work with the Department of Finance to manage the department’s budget authority through all annual budgetary processes.
  • Provide technical fiscal support to various groups as needed.
  • Process State Controller’s Office documents related to position authority.
  • Complete technical budget adjustments throughout CDCR (i.e., health benefits, retirement, and furlough adjustments).
  • Prepare the annual Governor’s Proposed Budget which ultimately leads to the annual Budget Act.
    • Complete the Schedule 7A to display the level of authorized positions for prior year, current year and budget year for CDCR per the final Budget.
    • Work with internal program staff to analyze and amend Budget Change Proposals.
    • Complete population based processes bi-annually for DAI, DJJ, and DAPO.
  • Act as liaison for Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) and the Legislature. Duties include participating in budget committee hearings, schedule meetings and coordinating/providing responses to requests as required by the Legislature and/or the LAO.
  • Provide allotments of the budget to all CDCR divisions as well as work with field analysts to maintain accurate annual projections of expenditures on a monthly basis.