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Request for Victim Services (CDCR 1707)


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The victim of crime, family member of a victim, or a witness who testified against the offender may request to be notified of the release, death, or escape of their offender(s). Requests can be made by in the following ways:

  1. Completing a Request for Victim Services form and sending the form to OVSRS, or
  2. Registering with the Automated Victim Notification Service

You are responsible for keeping your contact information current so that you can receive notification information. Note: Information about victims (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is kept confidential and will not be made available to the inmate.

Victim Input Into Special Conditions of Parole

You may request input into the following special conditions of parole:

That the parolee be required to live in another county or in another city within the committing county if you are clearly threatened; or if the inmate was convicted of a specific violent felony, you may request parole placement 35 miles from your actual residence.

Restrict the parolee?s contact with you. Parolee contact with a victim without prior approval from the parole agent may be justification for revocation and return to custody.

Please note that requests made for special conditions of parole will be considered by the CDCR Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) but are not guaranteed.

If you are interested in requesting special conditions of parole, or need additional information, contact the OVSRS at 1-877-256-6877 or complete a Request for Victim Services form and send the form to OVSRS.

Victim Notification of Parole Suitability Hearings

When requested, the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) will notify the victim/next of kin/immediate family member of the parole consideration hearing conducted for prisoners sentenced to life terms with the possibility of parole.

Requests may be made by calling the OVSRS. If you move you MUST notify OVSRS of your new address.

Upon receipt of the request, OVSRS will send you a Declaration form to complete and return stating that you are a victim/next of kin/immediate family member of the victim. Your request will be kept on file and you will be notified in writing 90 days prior to the inmate?s scheduled parole suitability hearing.